Gems of Telugu Poetry – ‘chaaTuvu’ (3)

There is this funny ‘chaaTu’ poem in ‘kanda’ meter, a famous one that has been handed down by generations past, the authorship of which is not known:

SivuDadrini SayaniMchuTa
ravi chaMdrulu miMTa nuMTa, raajeevaakshuM
DaviraLamuga SeaShunipai
pavaLiMchuTa nalli baadha paDaleaka sumii!

శివుడద్రిని శయనించుట
రవి చంద్రులు మింట నుంట, రాజీవాక్షుం
డవిరళముగ శేషునిపై
పవళించుట నల్లి బాధ పడలేక సుమీ! (in Telugu font)

Lord Siva(1) sleeps on the hilltop
The Sun and the Moon remain forever in the heavens
Lotus-eyed Lord Vishnu sleeps always on his snake-bed(2)
All this they do only to escape from the torment of the bed bug!

Notes: (1) The abode of Lord Siva is the Mount Kailasa. (2) Lord Vishnu is seen always floating in the Milky Ocean (ksheera samudram)in a relaxing posture on his throne ‘Seshu’ – the thousand-hooded divine Serpent, coiled up to form a bed like structure and the hood giving the required shade, according to Hindu mythology.

How much suffering this poor fellow might have undergone, how many nights of disturbed sleep he might have been subjected to by this little demon ‘bed bug’ and in how many ways he helplessly tried to escape from the torment of the same is evident in this short poem.


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