Gems of ‘Gaatha SaptaSati’…(5)

Possibly, no one can explain for sure how a particular woman is liked by a particular man and/or what qualities of a particular man have resulted in him being passionately loved by a particular woman. One can safely say that these things have been like this since long…too long one can say and in fact from the times when man and women started to realize the existence of these tender feelings in their hearts and started to experience them.

Hala Saatavahana was one of the most humane personalities India had ever given birth to.  His groping eye and ear appear to have never failed to notice the instances where feelings of human heart (mostly relating to common persons) made a sublime and dignified exhibition, out in open.  This gaatha immortalized one such instance in which a woman was explaining to the mother of the person whom she was passionately in love with, how the mere sight of him and the hearing his words while he spoke made her feel exceedingly pleasant.

This gaatha is also very dear to the hearts of people of Andhra, the Telugu-speaking people, since the word ‘attaa’ which means ‘mother-in-law’ used in it was of Telugu origin.  One more interesting thing to notice in this gaatha is that though both these women were yet to be related to each other as ‘mother-in-law’ and ‘daughter-in-law’, the young women had addressed the other women ‘attaa’ indicating indirectly to her that the reference made was about her son only and not any other person…and she was in fact willing to and would love to be her ‘daughter-in-law’. That, in fact, is the most heartening thing about this gaatha:

‘diisaMtoe diTThisuoe chittiMjaMtoe maNa vallahO attaa,
ullaavaMtoe suisuhoe pioe jaNoe NichcharamaNijjoo.’                 (7-51)

దీసంతో దిట్ఠిసుఓ చిత్తింజంతో మణ వల్లహో అత్తా,
ఉల్లావంతో సుఇసుహో పిఓ జణో ణిచ్చరమణిజ్జూ.   

His presence in itself is pleasing to the eyes,
A mere reference of his makes thoughts pleasurable;
Listening to him talk is music to the ears,
Man of one’s choice, dear aunt, always makes a pleasant sight.

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