Gems of ‘Gaadha Saptshati’…(4)

Love is a delicate thing.  Issues concerning love, therefore, need to be dealt with utmost care and understanding.  Things will not come back to normalcy once the feelings are recklessly allowed to be shattered.

With her unmindful and reckless behavior, a village girl lost the love of her lover.  By the time the realization came, it was too late, the lover moved away and all that remained was repenting for the mistakes done.  An accomplice of the village girl noticed the lamentation and stepped in with some soothing words, one way consoling her and on the other way suggesting to her not to commit the same mistake again.  The scene was immortalized in this ‘gaadha’:

‘sahi eerisivvayi gaee maaruvvasu/ tamsa valia muha andam
yeNa a baala valunki tamtu/ kudilaaNa peammaNam!’ (1-10)

Dear one, why to hide your moon-like face and grieve now?
Love is like the brittle bodied fish ‘vaalunki’
It catches on to the feet of the one nearby
Recklessly handled, it will break down into thousand pieces and die!


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