Gems of ‘Gaadha Saptshati’ (2)

The eventuality of men leaving the village for earning money is not a new thing.  It has been there since the ‘Gaadha Saptshati’ days. The male member of the family on whom the responsibility of earning money rested would leave to places new and at times unknown to the family members, who were left behind in the village.  After a while, men came back to their own village bringing with them the earnings.  However, until he returned home, his woman bore the brunt of the absence of the man.  The suffering is imaginable since more often than not the separation occurred in youth or middle age. Unable to bear the pain of separation, people, both men and women, resorted to doing things morally unacceptable, whenever they found themselves in occasions favorable for doing so. The pain that grips the heart when one happens to witness such a situation had become a subject for poetry and the pathos was amply brought into this ‘gaadha’ by a fellow-villager of ‘Gaadha Saptshati’ times.

‘VoDa suNavo viaNNo / aththaa maththaa/ paee vi aNNaththo/
Phaliam va modiam mahisaeNa / ko thassa saahe vu?’

‘Mad street dog goes on ransacking the house
The mother-in-law stayed unbothered and in constant drowse
Husband is away and afar
The wild buffalo is feasting on the sumptuously grown cotton field
Who will make this known to him?’

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