‘Andhras’ and the language ‘Telugu’ …(A note)

The language the people of Andhra speak is Telugu.

Tri-kalinga, Trilinga, , Tailangu, Tilinga, Telunga, Tenugu – all these forms of the word Telugu were in use for centuries in the past,  but now disappeared.

Kalinga-desam (the country of Kalinga) in three distinct parts was known as Tri-kalingam.

The area that was north to the river Godavari was once known as Kalinga-desam. This area was again subdivided into three parts –

– the area from Mahendragiri to Bheemunipatnam was called Uttara-kalingam (Utkalam) i.e., North Kalingam. Utkalam now denotes the entire area covered under the state of Orissa;

– the area from northern bank of the river Godavari to Bheemunipatnam was known as Dakshina-Kalingam i.e., South Kalingam;

– the remaining area was known as Madhya-Kalingam i.e., the area situated in between the north and south of Kalinga-desam.

The word ‘Trilinga’ might have been the Sanscritized form of the words ‘Tilinga’ or ‘Tailangu’.

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