‘Anaganagaa’ …listening to this one word makes a Telugu-speaking man or a woman, irrespective of his/her age, to awaken the ‘child’ in him/her.  This one word has such power.  Its equivalent in English language is ‘Once upon a time…’.

It is the easiest way of beginning a story for children.  Countless number of grandparents might have used this word in Telugu language countless number of times to tell a story for their grandchildren. Instantly, this one word will make the imagination of the child to take a break from the present time and travel to a hitherto unknown zone, era…that too in the most pleasant way possible.

‘Anaganagaa, oka raju undevaadu.’ Once upon a time, there lived a king… Instantly, the imagination is catapulted into the times when kings ruled the world. Who was the king? Which was the kingdom he ruled? During which period?… all these details do not matter.

‘Anaganagaa, oka oorilo oka vartakudu undevadu’ … once upon a time, there lived a merchant in a village.

‘Anaganagaa, oka chettu pai oka pakshula janta nivasamuntundedhi’…once upon a time, there lived a pair of birds on a tree.

‘Anaganagaa, oka nadhi vodduna oka viprudu tana shishya brindamto nivasamuntundevaadu’…once upon a time, there lived Brahmin, with his group of pupils, on the banks of a river.

One can cite any number of such examples.

Here is a village scene to visualize the above instances a bit more clearly:

‘It was a moonlit night.  Moonlight flooded the open terrace of the house.  Cool wind was blowing gently. Except the rustling of the coconut leaves to the gently blowing wind, it was quietness all around.  Showing the full moon appearing broken through the coconut leaves, a grandparent started a story to his grandchild with the sentence ‘anaganagaa, oka rajakumarudu undevadu’…once upon a time, there lived a prince…’

Imagine the face of the child as he/she listened to the story begin in that way….it would appear in no way inferior to the full moon glowing in the sky on that night.

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