An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(credits)


‘Pratah  smaraneeyulu’ is a word in Telugu language, which means ‘personalities who deserve to be remembered at the wake of each day’.  There is another word ‘Chirah  smaraneeyulu’, which means ‘personalities who deserve to be remembered for ever’.  Every culture, language will have their share of such great and memorable personalities.  For people of Andhra Pradesh in general and persons more concerned with Telugu language, literature and culture, scholars like Panchagnula Adinarayana Sastry, Rallapalli Anantakrishna Sarma,  Tirumala Ramachandra, Bhagavatula Sankara Sastry (popularly known as ‘Arudra’), Puttaparti Narayanacharyulu, to name a few, belong to such category of memorable personalities.  All of them have produced articles of high quality on different aspects of life during the ‘Gadha Saptshathi’ times.  Panchagnula Adinarayana Sastry’s long essay ‘Prakrita Grandhakarthaloo, Prajasevaanu…’ is a classic and unparalleled to this day.  Tirumala Ramachandra’s articles on ‘Gadha Saptshati’ are a storehouse of information for persons who are interested to know anything and almost everything about the literary, cultural and day-to-day aspects of life in ‘Gadha Saptshati’ days. The series of articles just concluded owes a lot to the works of all the above great personalities and is a way of paying a humble tribute, they truly deserved.

‘Endaro Mahanubhavulu
Andarikee Vandanamulu’  ….    (Tyagaraja)

‘So many great personalities there are
Our sincere salutations to them all’


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