An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(9th and the last)

Amid a lot of fanfare, the bridegroom arrived accompanied by his parents, relatives and near and dear.  The bridegroom appeared equally good-looking and shone like a prince amidst the surrounding village men. The arrival of the bridegroom and his family is announced amid a roar of trumpeting.  The greatness of the family of the bridegroom is praised by lavishly meant words. Ritually the bride and the bridegroom are married to each other amid the blessing of the elders of both the families and people of the village.

By this time, you are hungry and craving for food.  You wait for the formal invitation, to go to the place where food is served.  A few moments later, the invitation arrives and along with other men and women of the village, you too hurry up.

Food is served.  There you find many varieties of sweets, some made of rice-floor and jaggery (ariselu), then laddoos, modakas, poorans etc.  You are served many varieties of dishes made of rice and vegetables. You feel instantly confused as to where to start and which one to be tasted first. As you are more fond of ariselu you commence the eating session with them.

After having a sumptuous meal you pay your respects to the village-head and benignly take leave from the villagers. Venturing the midday sun, you prepare to walk back alone listening to a villager sing a gaadha which did mean –

On a full –moon autumn night
Moonlight shown like a layer of rice-flour
grinded from the grains of a newly grown rice crop.
As the paddy field appeared in full growth before his own eyes
Unable to bear the ecstasy all alone
the grower of the field  gave himself to singing his heart out!.

***   ***  ***  ***

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