An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(7)

Along with the members of the family who sheltered you the previous night, you are now there, at the place of the wedding. It is a large gathering of people of that village and may be from nearby villages as well. You stand aside and take a leisurely look at the proceedings.

As you look on, you find at one end, sitting under the long and wide thatched porch, specially built for the marriage, an elderly villager is relating in detail the heroic deeds of the village-head and his ancestors to a group of young men.

The elderly villager is telling that under the protection of the men of the family of this village-head, the people of this village had long back forgotten the fear of attacks from the robbers, a common occurrence for villages. Getting attacked by robbers, running helter-skelter in fear, escaping and hiding in the caves to save their lives which were common things at one time are not known to the villagers now during his time, he continued, as the signs of  great admiration sparkle in his eyes, for the village-head.

The son of the village-head, who is even more strong, ably took over the responsibility of protecting the village from his father and proved himself even more successful.   Leaving the entire weight on the shoulders of the village-head, people of this village have been sleeping unperturbed, the elderly villager is singing all praises on the village-head’s family.

Under the same porch and at a small distance away, women are preparing garlands of great lengths. The daughter of the village-head, an extremely good-looking girl, is being prepared for the celebration by decorating with many items of finery. You find that the women-folk attending on the bride are also good looking and are busy in preparing the bride for presenting her to the groom in the most attractive looking form.

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