An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(6)

You are now pleasantly surprised and thank your luck for the chance occurrence.  Your stay in the village is thus assured for the day.

You take leave and reach the village pond. Standing there on the bank of the pond, you lazily throw a look into the water. In the still water, there appears the reflection of the blue sky and the beauty of it makes you wonder, for a moment, if someone had forcibly thrown the heavens into the pond. It also makes you wonder how was it possible that none of the lotuses or the swans could escape unhurt even though the heavens fell into the pond.

While you remain lost in your imaginations and pleasant thoughts, the daybreak makes people take the way towards the pond for having bath. The activity brings you back to senses and you observe that men and women of the village share the water of the pond at different locations.  Some youths take to swimming while others take bath and leave as briskly as the came.  Women folk of the village are also taking bath in the water of the pond, talking to each other and exchanging pleasantries addressing each other with words that denote relationship.

As you stand there observing the goings on, the scene at the pond comes alive before your eyes, bursting with activity. The mood is so friendly that you find it no more possible to stay away and in fact, you secretly yearn to be accosted by men from amongst the crowd.

At a distance, you see women come out of the pond and start drying their long dark tresses, water still dripping from them, exposing them to sun.

Silently witnessing the scheme of the things that are unfolding before your eyes, you too prepare for stepping into the water of the pond to take bath.

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