An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(5)

The first crowing of the cock early in the morning awakens you. You open your eyes and see around you that it is still darkness and the first rays of the day are yet to appear on the eastern horizon.  In the village the crowing of the cocks work as a wakeup-call. Soon you will hear awakening of activity nearby.  You know that you have not slept well that night and required some more sleep but you cannot afford it now.

Slowly you realize the appearance of the first rays of light around you.   It is time for you to thank the woman and take leave.

After not much time, the door of the hut opens and the woman of the house appears at the doorstep.  As you search for words to say something, you are asked whether you had a good sleep or not that night. You blush and say something in affirmative.  In the meanwhile, you realize that the woman who was not that friendly yesterday has in fact started to behave friendly now. You are asked to refresh yourself at the village tank nearby and comeback to the house without fail.

As you stay put, unable to make out the intent of her words, you are informed that that day there is a big celebration in the village and you too can attend the celebration as a guest of the house, if you do not think otherwise.

And the celebration is, in fact, the wedding of the daughter of the village head-man, a grand old human being, whose strength and courage has made the village impregnable to any kind of offensive activity from outside, since long.

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