An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(3)

As you walk some distance along, the path to the village takes a turn to the right…or to the left; it may not matter much to you now. The path leads you to a structure, understandably a temple in ruins. The stone images of the gods inside are no longer revered, for reasons not known to you.

You are now there, inside the mukha mandapam of the temple, standing all alone.  Above your head, you see the bell of the temple hanging from the ceiling. Impulsively, your hand moves to reach for the bell above to ring. However, again for some unknown reasons you withdraw your hand midway and prefer to keep the silences of the things to themselves and not disturb them. Your eyes make an effort to have a look at the images of the gods and goddesses inside the sanctum of the temple. You find that with cuts and bruises here and there over their bodies, they still smile at you in peace.  You bow your head and close you eyes for a moment in reverence.

The only noise you listen in the eerie silence is the inconvenient sound of the hushed cry of a group of pigeons brooding lazily, lurking behind the holes of the small temple tower built over the sanctum.

You understand that you cannot stay there for long; the silence and the sound the pigeons make are a bit unnerving. It can never be a suitable resting place for a tired man like you during the night, you think.

With a sigh and a feeling of fatigue, you come out of the shadows of the temple and start to walk away again, to reach the village before sunset.

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