An imaginary visit to a Village in Gadha Saptshati times…(1)

When, out of a small curiosity and great fascination to know things about the past,  you make an endeavor to reach a village in the times of ‘Gaadha Saptasathi’, the path first leads you to a small structure appearing like a temple, which you find is occupied by an image of a goddess, the Village- Goddess.  You find that the garland placed sometime back around the neck of the goddess was withered and looked dried up and flinging from one side to the other with the wind that is blowing hard. After bowing your head before the goddess as mark of reverence, you lift your head and look away to find that a pond is situated near by. In the silence, you reach there and stand quietly looking into the pond. You find that the water is fully covered with lotus leaves and dozens of lotus flowers jutting upwards in full bloom here and there. To your astonishment and delight you find a swan standing with one of its legs folded up and the other placed delicately on a lotus leaf undisturbed and unmoved by your presence. To the delight of your imagination, it reminds you of a conch-shell perched on a plate made of emeralds. As you seem to be losing in your own thoughts, you see another creature, a little one this time, appearing too brittle with its delicate body… it is called ‘valunki’, moving towards you to catch on to your feet.  Its nature is like that, to catch on to the feet of the nearest one it finds on its path. So brittle are its thin body parts that your effort to get it off your feet will make it  to break into pieces and fall instantly dead before your eyes.  The thought itself will make you sad.

You do not let that happen and move on.

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