Village life, Gadha Saptshati and Oral literature

Village has been living a different life since the beginning. It has developed its own sentiment, its own gods, goddesses, customs etc. While Vedam expended much of  its devotion and all of its energies in praising its own Gods and Goddesses in its ‘Vedic chants and mantras’, Village on its part has equally succeeded in creating its own poetic language and sang about different events of its life, about its own ‘Village Gods and Goddesses’.

Most of the time the song Village sang remained grounded to the earth and very rarely went beyond the sphere of knowledgeable things.  The sphere comprised of events easily identified with any village …the village officials, their authority on the village folk, the cultivable land around the village, the forests, the village gardens and the events that occur in them in stealth, the greenery, the lotus ponds, the thatched huts occasionally interspersing the greenery, men and women of the village, the loves and hates between them, marriage rituals, child births and the rituals connected to it, the celebrations during village festivals, village fairs, whores and their secret relations with  men of the village, the merchant community and the situations where they go away from the village, leaving behind their family in the village, for selling their merchandise at times  for months together and the pain connected with it and what not….the song village sung made it possible for expressing every thing.

It is this quality, which made ‘Gaadha Sapthasati’ to remain alive with all its glory even to this day.  It is this quality, which made most of the other ‘oral literature’ to remain alive to this day. The expression of real life lived by men and women of some day in the past, which men and women of some village might have been living even to this day.

Most of the oral literature has known no writer.  While one tongue invented it and passed it on, the other tongue picked it up and sang it. Thus, the activity went on.

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