Vedam and the fire-god ‘Agni’

Thought is important.  The freshness and the force of the thought will not fail to find out the right language required for expressing the same.

‘Vedam’ in the first place is an expression of  a great ‘wonder’,  then a ‘prayer’ born out of an equally great  ‘fear’ from the unending vastness of the ‘unknown’ to the human mind. The greatness of the ‘Vedic men’ remained in the fact that instead of brooding silently, one of them started to brood aloud in such a way that it could be heard and recited, again and again.  Others too liked it and followed it. Language with all its nuances required for the reciting invented itself. Rhythm and song were already there in the universe before the invention of any language on earth. In the later days, language, however, had helped to identify them in bits and pieces and in forms human mind can afford to recognize.

“Agni meeLae purohitam
Yajna sya deva mrutwijam
Hotaaram ratna dhaatamam”

This first ‘rik’ of the first ‘mandalam’ of ‘Rig-vedam’ was a prayer to the fire-god ‘Agni’. It might not have been the first ‘rik’ when it was recited by Madhuchhanda. During the exercise of reorganization and rearrangement of the Veda mantras, carried out by the great ascetic ‘Vyasa’, it was placed at the beginning because of the great importance given to the fire-god ‘Agni’ in the ‘Veda mantras’.  He acted as the mediator between the ‘gods’ and the ‘Vedic rishis’ by accepting and reaching the offerings made by the ‘Vedic rishis’ to the respective ‘gods’. He thus remained as the most preferred, loved and feared until today.

Agnione of the eight Vasuvus is also one of the eight occupiers of the eight directions of the earth.  He is the occupier of the direction South East (Aagneyam) and regarded as the leader of all the eight VasuvusHe is the eldest son of Brahma. Swahadevi is the name of His divine consort. Tejovathi is the name of His city.


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