Prakrit, Sanskrit and Hala Satavahana’s the most profound ‘gaadha’..

Was it Prakrit or Sanskrit? Which of these two languages preceded the other? This question has been debated for so long that there could not be any perfectly agreed upon and settled answer. One of the reasons for this might be that, in answer, the question can be argued either way. Truth may not, therefore, lie with either of these two views.  It is a fact that these two languages are two sides of the same coin. It might be that while persons with untrained tongue talked in ‘Prakrit’, persons with trained tongue talked the same language in a refined form and called it ‘Sanskrit’.

One can find thoughts most profound were poetized and expressed in Prakrit with equal ease.

“paaNavudeeA  ni  jalivooNa  huthavahoo  jala  e  jaNNavaadammi
Nahu  thae  parihariavvaa  visamadasaa  sanTiaa  purisaa.”

The meaning of this great gaadha can be summarized as under:

“Fire burns in the toddy vendor’s hut and in the
sacrificial fireplace with equal sanctity;
It would be sacrilegious to ignore noble men,
even when they are found in the most ignoble of places.”

It was told by Hala satavahana himself and placed it as 27th gaadha of 3rd hundred of Gaadha Saptashati’.

This gaadha testifies the personality of Hala Satavahana, the broader outlook, the humane heart and the kindness that filled his thinking mind.

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