Kreedabhiraamam is a special work. It might not have been, in all probability, intended to be a special work.  Nevertheless, it turned out to be a special work. It is a street play in poetry and is popularly known as the work of Vinukonda Vallabharaya. The poetic style in which it was written has many similarities to the style of Srinadha Mahakavi. It is even opined that it might have actually been written by Srinadha Mahakavi but due to some inexplicable reasons his name could not be attached with this work. There has been a lot of debate amongst the scholars on this issue. One of the most revered scholars in Telugu poetry, Late Veturi Prabhakara Sastry, in his introductory essay to Kreedabhiraamam tried his best to prove that the work actually belonged to Srinadha Mahakavi. However, this view cannot be accepted as reasonable, unless proved with some concrete and substantial evidence.

Vallabharaya and Srinadha Mahakavi were known to be contemporaries and might have lived between the period of later half of 14th century and first half of 15th century AD.  His being a towering personality so far as poetry in Telugu language was concerned; his influence on others in composing poetical works during that  period was so harsh that none but only one man, named Potana, could withstand and stand out on a style of his own.  Others just followed. Vallabharaya might have been one of them but with a little difference that he borrowed the style and practiced it to perfection so much, so that it is very difficult not to believe that this poetry does not really belong to Srinadha Mahakavi.

At many places, Kreedabhiraamam gives out an impression that it was nothing more than a compilation of Srinadha’s poems, told extempore on different occasions during his visits to different regions of telugu country, collected and intelligently compiled by Vallabharaya stringing them together, occasionally interspersing here and there with his own poetry, in the form of Veedhi (one of the 10 forms of Indian Drama).

Nevertheless, this simplification appears too unjustified.  Kreedabhiraamam has more to it than a simple collection of someone else’s poems.  It has in it, the recorded account of a day, from dawn to dusk, of a set of common people who lived in Orugallu, the present day Warangal, during the 14-15th Century AD.

While reading, you definitely feel the life in it, sprung up all of a sudden from nowhere and start flowing effortlessly before your own mindscape.  Precisely, that life was the creation of none other than the more humane Vinukonda Vallabharaya.

A thousand salutations to him!

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