the ‘second visit’ and its after thoughts…

Civilized human living started with village life.

Memories of village life bring many a thing to mind. The freshness of the morning light (the twilight) is already on you before you really woke up to the rustle of unknown life around you, to the chirping sounds of birds from nests on nearby tree-tops, the tingling sounds of bangles of the hands of women who are busy clearing the house-fronts with country-made brooms, the sounds of sprinkling water (often mixed with cow/buffalo dung) falling on to the soil in gushes….so much of activity would already be happening before you wake up and open your eyes to see the first lights of the day.

A cleared and decorated house-front is a salute and a gesture of thanks giving to the nature for the freshness and solemnity of hope it has brought another day to live on. It is a declaration of sorts to the nature to live another peaceful day along with it. Women do this in villages.  Every mother does this for her house in the village every morning.

Women invite the daybreaks into their homes and upon the village as a whole.   They clear the way and make it ready for their men to walk on, go to work into the fields.  She has to be awake before he goes to work. It cannot be otherwise. She has to be awake until he goes back to sleep, however late it may be. It cannot be otherwise.  It is the order of the village.  It happens naturally.  No one implements it by force.  It happens…very naturally!

2 thoughts on “the ‘second visit’ and its after thoughts…

  1. Boss, full of nostalgia of childhood memories. Very warm to read. I will look forward for more from this blog.

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