Village, the river, the ‘second visit’…(2)

The village appeared to have accepted the decay, helplessly rather.

None goes to the river for water now.  Instead, water reaches homes through the shabbily laid pipelines.  Big bore-wells were dug into the sands in the middle of the river that pumped water through out the year. Water is pumped to a community water tank first and then from there to the homes. It is advancement.  One has to walk along with the times!

Apparently, no one might have been walking towards the river since long.  The path we walked a thousand times, looked rugged, both sides littered with all useless and plastic waste, at places reeking out stinking smell.

Even the riverbed is littered with all kinds of waste. The carcass of a dead dog, bloated and beginning to decay was lying there.  With bushes of unruly grown thorny plants all along  the way of the river bed  and with no plantations either side of the river,  the entire landscape looked a scene left unwanted by a population who appeared to have turned some how oblivious to the decay.

During rains, muddy new water may fill the river and the river may flow with all fury.  But the flow will last only for a few days, may be a month or so at the most,  until it is dried up again and thereafter wears a wretched look till a spate of new water appears with yearly monsoon rains again.  This has been the story since the past few years and it will be so in the coming years too. No one appears to have a feeling of any immediate discomfort about this.

Nor any one has anything in his hands to change this scenario to something better!

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